Julian Weis, ips Project Manager, Gerald Weis, owner and Managing Director of ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Simon Weis, ips Product Manager for Underwater Pelletizing Systems

Niedernberg, 29.10.2018. This year, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG in Niedernberg is celebrating 20 years in existence. Set up in 1998, ips’s proven expertise makes the company an all-in-one specialist, innovative leader and competent advisor when it comes to strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing.

ips is the consistent further development of a manufactory. Using the latest technology and modular product systematics, ips develops and produces individual pelletizing systems with a high degree of innovation – in particular for compounders and master batch producers and for the recycling and polymer industry. Around the world, over 1,000 machines from the owner-run family company have already been commissioned.

“Special is our standard.”

“ips came into being because we firmly believed that some of our customers’ requirements and wishes could be met in a better and more elegant way,” explains Gerald Weis, owner and Managing Director of ips. With the modular construction of its systems, both for strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing, ips offers its customers a high degree of flexibility, from individual parts to complete solutions. “The customer gets our system exactly the way he needs it,” says Gerald Weis, and adds, “Because special is our standard”.

And this is also to be reflected in the company name “Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions”. The special benefit for our customers lies primarily in the intelligent solutions and ideas, of which, according to Gerald Weis “99 % originate from users themselves, who have our systems in service on a day-to-day basis. We consistently implement their requirements and wishes.”

A further factor in our success is the streamlined company structure and the direct contact maintained between staff and customers. This allows decisions to be taken quickly and implemented directly, whether a new pelletizing system or a replacement part is urgently required, equipment has to be serviced or it is simply a matter of a little advice. “These are all important benefits which our customers greatly appreciate, on the one hand, and which contribute greatly to our success, on the other,” says Gerald Weis.

Development of a product portfolio

With the founder’s sons Simon and Julian entering the company in 2017 and 2018 respectively, ips set the course for continuity and progress. For ips this means, on the one hand, the permanent further development and perfecting of pelletizing system and, on the other, the expansion of the product range. In the future, the company will be offering systems for the production of long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastics using the pultrusion process. ips has launched the project, together with CETEX, the Institute for Textile and Processing Machines at Chemnitz University of Technology. Production of the new family of systems is also to ensue at company headquarters in Niedernberg.

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