Why ips?

Worldwide more than 1.000 sold systems. Since 1998, innovative provider and reliable supplier for all products to do with pelletizing.
A balance product portfolio, tested standard machines and special solutions tailor-made to match your requirements secure an outstanding market position for you.

Special is standard for us. Our versatile design team makes our machine "yours" with matching logistics and innovative assembly personnel.

ips sees itself as a consistent further development of a manufacture (from Latin "manus" – hand, lat. factura – making, producing). Thanks to ultra-modern technologies and consistent know-how transfer with our customers, systems with a high degree of innovation are created.
Modular product systems, high dependability and distinct orientation to requirements make us the ideal partner for plastic-manufacturing companies, for compounders and master-batch manufacturers and the recycling industry.
Our machines and systems are successfully being used all over the world.

Pelletizing processes

Strand pelletizing

ips strand pelletizing systems for dry and wet cutting provide all the components for the entire pelletizing process.

Underwater pelletizing

ips underwater pelletizing systems are suited to pelletizing practically all thermoplastic polymers.

Overview of products

ips pelletizing systems are highly capable production systems. Can be used for processing a variety of materials and processes.
Most components can be operated as a pelletizing system alone or in combination.
Sensible options facilitate product handling and increase productivity.
All components have been intelligently matched to your requirements.

Strand die head type ips-SGK

to the product

Strand cooling trough type ips-SKW

to the product

Strand conveyor type ips-SFB

to the product

Process water system type ips-PWS

to the product

Strand dewatering unit type ips-SA eco

to the product

Strand dewatering unit type ips-SA

to the product

Strand pelletizer type ips-SG-E 30 / Kombi

to the product

Strand pelletizer type ips-SG-E 60 / 110

to the product

Strand pelletizer type ips-SG / 2

to the product

Strand pelletizer type ips-SG / D

to the product

Classifier screens

to the product

Strand pelletizing system type ips-SGA

to the product

Strand pelletizing system type ips-SGU / 2

to the product

Pellet dryer type ips-GT

to the product

Melt pump

to the product

Polymer diverter valve

to the product

Underwater pelletizing system type ips-UWG-S

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We are here for you! Our service entails all the areas of the pelletizing process: from consultancy about applications down to replacement parts.

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ips offers you optimum solutions under one roof. For this, we cooperate with highly capable partners. In the area of melt filtration and conveying, we include the components from Trendelkamp Technologie GmbH in the ips systems.
The underwater pelletizing systems from HANJIN IND.CO.,LTD supplement the ips series Type ips-SGU underwater pelletizing systems with feed widths of more than 420 mm.


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