Photo: Petra Reith

Photo: Petra Reith

Presentation of the donation to St. Cyriakus Kindergarten on the occasion of the 20th jubilee of ips. In the picture from left to right: Rev. Ernst Haas, representative of the supporting agency, the Ludwig Maria Therese Foundation, Jürgen Reinhard, Mayor of Niedernberg, Silke Elbert, Director of the kindergarten, Gerald Weis, owner and Managing Director of ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG together with his sons Simon Weis, ips Product Manager for Underwater Pelletizing Systems and Julian Weis, ips Project Manager.

Niedernberg, 05.11.2018. Instead of big anniversary celebrations on the occasion of their 20th jubilee, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG decided to support St. Cyriakus Kindergarten with a EUR 5,000 donation.

“Our pelletizing systems are in use all around the world, but since 2014 Niedernberg has been home to ips,” says Gerald Weis, owner and Managing Director of. “And, as we feel very much at home here, my team and I are eager to support a local institution on the company’s 20th birthday.” As a company with a future-oriented approach, we soon decided on St. Cyriakus Kindergarten. “Because children are our future,” declares Gerald Weis, whose two sons have also been working in the company for some time now. This news was received with great delight by both children and teachers and the representative of the supporting agency, Rev. Ernst Haas. As a rule, money for special investments is in short supply.

The kindergarten’s wish list has long featured a water play area. “As an element, water is very special for the children and offers numerous fundamental experience opportunities. Using simply experiments, exciting water-related phenomena can be researched and experienced,” is how Silke Elbert, Director of the kindergarten explains the significance of a play area of this kind for the children’s development.

“For us as a community, good cooperation among the local population and the companies and institutions located here is very important. The involvement of companies like, in this case, ips with Niedernberg, demonstrates their interest in the town in which they are located and a great sense of responsibility, and promotes the community spirit which benefits everyone,” says Niedernberg’s delighted mayor, Jürgen Reinhard.

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