The type ips-SGA 120/2 strand pelletizing system from ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

The type ips-SGA 120/2 strand pelletizing system from ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Recoplast puts ips strand pelletizing system into operation

Niedernberg, 12.04.2019. For higher process automation and in order to be able to process more complex products, Recoplast AG (Gretzenbach) is staking on an automated strand pelletizing system from ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co KG. The type ips-SGA 120/2 system has now started operation with the Swiss recycler.

Recoplast has specialised in the recycling of plastic residues, in particular technical plastics right down to high-temperature polymers. "In a permanent exchange with our customers, we continuously work on making recycling and re-processing of plastics economical and ecological, on saving resources and reducing costs of raw materials", explains Recoplast's proprietor Philippe Becsey. The enterprise stakes on a modern fleet of machines, making it possible for the company to process plastics production residues into high-quality secondary raw materials, but also into so-called industrial qualities.

To achieve higher output and to reduce the amount of waste, Recoplast has now replaced its conventional strand pelletizing by a modern, automated type ips-SGA 120/2 strand pelletizing system, including a type ips-PWS 100 A process water system. In particular, the simple start of the pelletizing process and the automatic threading of the strands if they split convinced Philippe Becsey: "With the new ips system, we save both personnel and also time and thus costs."

"The ips system is very good in compounding or well suited for the recycling of technical plastics including filling and/or reinforcement materials, for example polyamide 6.6 plus flame retardants, polycarbonate plus flame retardants, polybutylene terephthalate plus glass fibres plus flame retardants or polypropylene plus glass fibres", explains ips proprietor and Managing Partner Gerald Weis. The system achieves a throughput of up to 1,000 kg per hour, depending on the application and polymer. The cooling distance before the cut in water and air is adapted to the product in question. The integrated strand suction ensures dry granulate. Thanks to the central user surface, the system is additionally simple to handle.

Alongside the system per se and the great experience of the ips team in the recycling branch, the price/performance ratio and the service and availability were important aspects for Recoplast in the decision to buy the ips system. Both ips and Recoplast are family-owned businesses of a similar size, which concern themselves without limitations, quickly and flexibly with their customers' wishes and requirements and put them into practice.


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