What drives us is the wish to make you satisfied and impressed by our performance. This means we not only sell you our machines, equipment and systems, we also provide comprehensive service for you before and after commissioning too.

Spare parts strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing

ips cutting tools fulfil the highest demands on service lives and cutting quality. We offer a large selection of materials and grinding patterns for the strand pelletizing process. These include cutting rotors for special processes e.g. high contents of fillers, highly reinforced materials and special pellet lengths.

Thanks to our carefully selected and coordinated replacement and wear parts, you will achieve optimum service lives, the agreed throughput and the necessary cutting quality – guaranteed.

Decisive for process consistency and pellet quality are the feed rolls, which we have available for you in elastomer or steel versions for many application purposes.

Die plates and blades made of different materials and in different versions e.g. for micro-pellets are available for our underwater pelletizing systems.

And we have all important replacement and wear parts available in tried-and-trusted ips quality in our large warehouse – and can dispatch these to you immediately whenever necessary.

Regrinding / reconditioning / recoating strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing

We offer you a comprehensive service for reconditioning cutting tools and wear parts for our strand and underwater pelletizing systems.

Our professional re-grinding and repair services are available to ensure optimum cutting quality and maintain the value of your cutting rotor.

We give feed rolls a new coating to match the process.

There are various systems available for reconditioning the wear layer of die plates.

Spare parts twin-screw extruders

Screws and barrels made of various materials are subject to wear. Then they have to be replaced. We have the usual barrels, screw shafts and screw elements in stock for the twin-screw extruders we supply. This also applies to the side feeders we supply.
Further wear parts and spare parts for twin-screw extruders supplied are kept in stock in close consultation with our customers.

LFT pilot system

The ips LFT system is suitable for the production of a wide range of materials with different fibre reinforcement, defined pellet length and different polymers. We would be delighted to show you our 8-strand pilot system in action. It is available for customer trials, in order to try out individual product requirements and produce small quantities for test purposes.

Application laboratory

In our cutting-edge application laboratory we develop and test new machines and plants in an environment similar to practice. At the same time, we work on the optimum design of compounding- and pelletizing systems here, determine processing parameters and define individual processes – matched to the requirement specification and prescribed material.

The equipment also includes a fully equipped twin-screw extrusion line with material feeders, gravimetric dosing system, material discharges and all process components for underwater pelletizing and for various strand pelletizing processes.


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