We are here for you! Our service entails all the areas of the pelletizing process: from consultancy about applications down to replacement parts.

Replacement parts

ips cutting tools fulfil the highest demands made of service life and cutting quality. For the strand pelletizing process, we offer a large selection of materials and grinding patterns. In addition, cutting rotors for special processes such as high filling agent contents, highly reinforced materials and special pellet lengths.

Our careful selection and coordination of replacement parts and parts subject to wear and tear guarantee achievement of optimum service lives, achievement of the agreed throughputs and ensuring the necessary cutting quality.

The feed rollers are decisive for process constancy and the pellet quality. ips supplies feed rollers for many purposes in an elastomer or in a steel finish.

For our underwater pelletizing systems, you receive die plates and blades in various materials and finishes, e.g. for micropellets.

You can also receive replacement parts and parts subject to wear and tear in the tried and tested ips quality for all other plant components!

Re-grinding / Processing / Re-coating

For strand and underwater pelletizing systems, we offer an extensive range for processing of the cutting tools and parts subject to wear and tear.

For optimum cutting quality and to maintain the value of your cutting rotor, we offer you a professional re-grinding and repair service.

Feed rollers are given a new coating matching the process.

For die plates, various systems for processing the coating subject to wear and tear are available.

Application laboratory

ips runs its own application laboratory to determine process parameters and for process definition - matching your material and your specification.

The equipment includes a complete extrusion line with all process components for underwater pelletizing and for various strand pelletizing processes.


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