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The ips-UWG 75 S, ips-UWG 120 S and ips-UWG 200 S series are suitable for underwater pelletizing of almost all thermoplastic polymer types.

The throughput rates of the ips-UWG S series depend on the application and pellet dimensions:

  • ips-UWG 75 S:      180 kg/h up to 720 kg/h
  • ips-UWG 120 S:    700 kg/h up to 2 500 kg/h
  • ips-UWG 200 S:    2 000 kg/h up to 6 000 kg/h

The complete ips-UWG S underwater pelletizing system consists of a melt pump, polymer diverter valve, die plate with pelletizing unit, process water system and pellet dryer.
With the ergonomic ips operator guidance system, the entire system is controlled via a graphic touch user interface.
An application- and customer-specific design of the entire system is possible at any time thanks to the modular structure of the pelletizing system.


  • Simple operation with high system security
  • Single-handed locking of the cutting chamber with automatic locking and safety monitoring
  • Automatic starting and stopping of the entire system at the push of a button
  • Ergonomic operator guidance via graphic touch user interface
  • Process monitoring with automatic shutdown to avoid time-consuming cleaning and maintenance work
  • Simple cutter hub replacement
  • Swiveling pelletizing unit for outstanding accessibility for operating and maintaining the system
  • The pelletizing unit is placed on a mobile machine base frame and offers optimum accessibility below the polymer diverter valve
  • Automatic controlled knife contact pressure with adjustable grinding intervals
  • Knife wear indicator and pelletizer drive torque indicator
  • Cartridge heater monitoring with position indication
  • Agglomerate catcher with automatic ejection
  • Pellet dryer with frequency-controlled ventilator and integrated water separation

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