ips expands product portfolio

Niedernberg, 31.03.2020. Starting immediately, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is...

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The course is set for the future

Niedernberg, 14.01.2020. As of 1 January, 2020 the next generation has joined the management board at...

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Greater production yield, less waste

Niedernberg, 28.10.2019. For the production of high-quality polyamide pellets, ENNEATECH AG which...

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ips sells its first large-scale underwater pelletizing system

Niedernberg, 23.05.2019. In addition to strand pelletizing, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions...

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Higher production yield, lower personnel requirements

Niedernberg, 12.04.2019. For higher process automation and in order to be able to process more...

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EUR 5,000 for Niedernberg’s St. Cyriakus Kindergarten

Niedernberg, 05.11.2018. Instead of big anniversary celebrations on the occasion of their 20th...

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ips celebrates its 20th jubilee

Niedernberg, 29.10.2018. This year, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG in...

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Interview with Gerald Weis in the „K-Zeitung“

ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG regards itself as the consistent further...

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Successful launch: The first two ips underwater pelletizing systems

Niedernberg, 17.09.2018. Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG in Niederberg/Germany...

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Underwater strand pelletizing systems with strand die heads with automatic scraping device

Niedernberg/Germany, 13.08. 2018. Niedernberg-based ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH &...

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Julian Weis appointed Project Manager at ips

Niedernberg, 03.07.2018. As of 1 July 2018, Julian Weis is taking over the newly-created position...

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ips supplies the 1000th system

Niedernberg, 09.02.2018. In December 2017, the 1000th system left the production hall at ips...

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Simon Weis strengthens the ips team

Niedernberg, 30.06.2017. As of 1 July, 2017, Simon Weis is joining the team as Product Manager for...

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Automatic strand pelletizing system at the ips technical centre goes into operation

Niedernberg, 10.05.2017. ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG has further added to...

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Strand cooling trough type ips-SKW 600/900 - Insensitive to dirt, secure and simple in operation

In the development of the new strand cooling trough type ips-SKW 600/900, the constructors at ips,...

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Strand pelletizer type ips-SG / D with height-variable pelletizer substructure

Shorter refitting times and ergonomically optimised work sequence. For integration into changing...

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Our new underwater pelletizing systems type ips-UWG 75 S and type ips-UWG 120 S

ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its product range with the...

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Strand pelletizer ips-SG 220/D

In the strand pelletizer type ips-SG/D, the tried and tested ips cutting head has been provided...

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Strand conveyor type ips-SFB 300/3.5

The strand conveyor type ips-SFB with motor-driven height adjustment enables fast, flexible and...

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The pelletizing specialist ips moves to new premises

On 25 August, 2014, after just a 10-month construction period, ips Intelligent Pelletizing...

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ips and Han Jin agree a cooperation

ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Großostheim, and Han Jin Ind. Co., Ltd.,...

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